Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim on my health insurance?
Yes, Valence Road Osteopaths is recognised by most major health care insurers including PPP and HSA. It is wise to check with your insurers before booking an appointment as procedures do differ.

Do I need GP referral?
To visit an osteopath you do not need a referral from your GP. However, if you have private insurance, you may need authorisation by your insurance company. Some private insurance companies do ask for a GP referral.

Will the treatment hurt?
No, treatment does not usually hurt although there is occasionally some soreness after the treatment as the body has been readjusted and may take time to settle down. Many patients really enjoy the treatments and find them very relaxing especially the cranial osteopathy.

How many treatments will I need?
You may only need two or three treatments for a minor ailment. However, more serious or chronic conditions may require sessions over several months. If you have had a long history of recurring pain it is advisable to have ‘maintenance’ treatments on a one, two or three monthly period.

Do I have to be in pain before I come for treatment?
Not at all! Many patients like to come if they feel a bit stiff or achy or stressed.

Will I need an x-ray?
Not normally. We do not recommend routine use of x-rays. Also x-rays are rarely of use when dealing with spinal pain. In most cases the treatment would be the same with or without an x-ray. In some cases the osteopath will think it necessary that you have an x-ray and you will be referred to your GP.

Can I have treatment when I am pregnant?
Certainly, osteopathy can treat a range of complaints brought about by the changes and stresses brought about by pregnancy.