About Lin

Lin Peters BSc (Hons) Ost

Lin Peters became interested in osteopathy after having a serious road traffic accident in the early nineties. She subsequently needed a lot of osteopathic treatment which is how she came to be interested in training as an osteopath herself. Lin is a qualified exercise instructor and worked seven years in the business prior to her accident.

Lin has chosen to go down a very gently path of treatment. She uses deep massage, articulation and stretching. She will only very occasionally use what are called high velocity thrusts (HVTs) which are short sharp movements which produce a click. Lin finds that working with deep soft tissues i.e. muscles, tendons and ligaments, helps to aid long term relief from symptoms, relieve stressed muscles and restore good muscle condition and joint function.

Lin has also had postgraduate training in cranial osteopathy which she uses with patients she thinks will respond well to this type of treatment. (See Cranial Osteopathy for further information).