Who will benefit?

Hours sitting in poorly designed chairs, at school or at home, coupled with lack of exercise, can give rise to aches and pains in the neck and shoulders or back. On the other hand, too much exercise can also have adverse effects on the joints.

It is easy to neglect our bodies as we get older. Sedentary life-styles coupled with poor posture and diet, can take its toll on our bodies ‘musculoskeletal’ system in all kinds of ways.

The Elderly
A common cry is “I wish I could get new parts for my body” or “It’s no joke this getting old business”. As we age our joints start to deteriorate due to general ‘wear and tear’, in fact most people over the age of 45 have arthritis to some degree even though they may not have any symptoms. As joints start to become arthritic they become stiff and painful. Much of the pain is often due to inflamed soft tissues surrounding the joints. Osteopathy can help to reduce inflammation and pain and help to maintain joint mobility.

Pre and post natal
The body goes through major changes during pregnancy and understandably, women sometimes develop spinal or pelvic pain. *See also our page on common complaints