Your first visit

Your first visit to Valence Road Osteopaths will take from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of your complaint.

When you meet your osteopath for the first time he/she will sit down with you and take a full medical history. This is to help rule out any under lying medical condition which might mimic pain arising from a mechanical injury.

You will be asked to describe your symptoms and what led up to them (if known). Your work and leisure activities will be discussed with you, this may help your osteopath to identify any likely causes of your symptoms.

Once your case history has been completed your osteopath will request that you stand and ask you to perform various movements to determine the cause of your pain. You may have your reflexes assessed and other relevant tests performed. In order to fully assess your spine you may be asked to remove some clothing. If this worries you, you are welcome to bring along some shorts or loose-fitting clothing.

After the initial consultation and examination, your osteopath will give you a diagnosis and discuss with you the plan for your treatment. With your agreement, you will then be treated and be given relevant exercises and life-style advice.

Please bring along any information you have available such as X-ray or scan results and a list of any medication you may be on.